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"Some time ago I submitted an article on Cricket Strategy. The basic idea was that pointing was something I didn't do right away unless I felt I had too -- my opponent was someone who would do it, or was a real threat and I knew would do it, or as a measure to throw off someone, like in the case when playing partners and my partner is a brand new player and I know we'll need a little something extra. To add to that, I always felt points was something best left till late in the game when as a last resort it could be used to extend the game a bit.

Now, where do I stand? Not there.

What's different? What happened? Why has my mind changed on this?

After writing that article on Cricket Strategy, and after some 15 or 16 years of playing Cricket, I've learned some things! So, yes you can teach and old dog new tricks!

You see, on dartplayer.net there are some of the best Cricket players in the nation talking about this very subject, and in the book, FunDartMentals the subject is discussed also, and after reading and re-reading both I have decided they are right!

Pointing is as much a part of Cricket, as Doubling is a part of 501. It simply is. So what to do about it?

40 points earned in the first throw can allow you to control the game. In fact, a 5 count on the 20 in the opening throw can only be beaten by a 9 count on the 19! It's a fact. It's part of the game and I'll do it.

Will I do it when playing a new player whom I am not threatened by? No way! I see no reason to do that, but if I am playing someone who I know is capable of kickin' my butt, you bet I will try to take control of the game and make them work for it! I'll do my darndest to break their throw, to intimidate them, to fluster them and all the while I hope they are trying to do the same to me! Because that's the game of cricket!

So don't be afraid to make those darts count, to make the triples you hit be in open numbers or numbers you can point on, to not follow but push on ahead and...
"or, To Soak Or Not To Soak: That is the question.

I've heard (well read actually) much talk about spritzing, spraying, and even soaking a dartboard to make it last longer and breathe life into it. So, being the ever-adventurous kind I called my trusty pal Biggy Big Mountain and offered up my Unicorn Eclipse for some deep water diving.

Before taking the board overboard (in the tub anyway) I got out a chunk of wood and a hammer! Why you might ask? Well quite simply I'd abused this board for over 18 months and the razor wires were beginning to lift out of the board a tad. Another fellow dart player had suggested pounding them back in and well; I'm up for just about anything! So there I was, pounding away with splintering pieces of 2x4 all about. Hmmm...this ain't working.

Soon the wood was gone and the hammer was a falling! I pounded those wires back into the face of the board and all was looking pretty well...until I decided one last hit to the bull area to settle matters and CRACK! The Double Bull ring fell in half! Ooops...

So, the hammer worked fine provided I didn't get too darn crazy. My advice, if you have beat your board senseless for a couple years and the wires (Eclipse only folks) are sticking out a bit You CAN use a hammer and carefully pound them back in...or buy a new dartboard -- which may prove better anyway.

OK, so I have digressed! I should be telling you about the dive into Biggy's tub. Not me though, but the Eclipse.

After all the rumors about John Smiths Dad soaking his 'bristle' board for 24 hours to make it all nice and perfect and well, we had to try some soaking to see if it helped level the playing surface of the board which was now lumpy from much use.

We soaked the board for 1 hour, then proceeded to let it dry, and dry and well after 4 days we were still waiting for it to dry!

The lumps were all there, the board was somewhat warped, the outer ring was pushing away and well, despite the board being somewhat usable (did I...
So many of you know from my posts on dartplayer that I have been struggling this half of the year to hit the board consistently. So in the theme of both practicing and trying to resolve that, and testing the site here is a snip from my spreadsheet of practice today:

As you can see, in the first 30 darts I missed TWO darts at the 20's 4 times though one time I hit a T20 so didn't highlight it (that's the 4). In the 2nd 30 I still missed 2 darts 4 times with one being a 4 mark (hit the trip). Then I was cruising along for the 1st 15 darts and thought mayube I was going to improve a little and then tanked! I missed 11 darts out of 15!!!! in the last ten darts thrown I only hit 4 20's.

So ya, it's a struggle. This is on a pro trainer but the segments are all the same size, just the trips, doubles and bull are half sized so perhaps the score would be higher on a reg board but the misses are, well missed darts none-the-less.

Gotta admit I love the paste feature here! So nice to just paste something into the screen!